Functional Models

The projects are frequently too large for the presentation as an original. The procedures can't be overlooked due to the complexity and size of the projects. Premises, equipment, or structures can obstruct the sight of the crucial parts. The company will find a remedy...
We produce functional models, with which you can explain and see the processes and technical production procedures. This is how the Fa. Kone could present their newest developement, an elevator without counterweights, with the help of our models at exhibitions and fairs. The Fa. PITSCH BAMAG read through our company about the expiration in door openings and rail traffic in station platforms and presented the technology on the InnoTrans in Berlin.
Even the model interactive model house by the company SAENA is used intensively in numerous trade fairs and exhibitions. Individual solutions for lighting technology, the use of a tablet, inustrial computers, and electronically controllable elements were shown as a model for disclosure of the heating calculations in a single-family home. The visitor can choose from numerous components such as the generation of energy and such a model house according to the applicable insulation regulations. This was possible only with the cooperation of modellers, engineers, and programming.